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Hey Creator!

Thanks for coming over to submit some awesome parenting content! I know that it can be tough finding time to write these days (especially if you have kids...), so I will be sure to review the content as soon as possible. After I review the content, I'll reach out to you about posting dates, header images, post images, etc.

If you've found this page and don't have any content to share yet, here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

1. Share Your Parenthood Story (your wins, advice, struggles, trials)

2. Share a Funny Video

3. Write a blog post on a specific topic

   - How to / Tutorial: 

     (Serious: How to manage tantrums / Funny: How to change a diaper)

   - Cheat Sheet / Checklist (parenting reminders, prep lists, etc.)

   - Opinion Piece (About Parenting/Parenthood News)

   - Opinion Piece (About a world topic that may relate to parenting)

   - Business Service Review (a review about a service that helps parents)

   - Product Review (a review about a product that helps parents)

   - Interview Post (an interview you did with someone on parenthood)

Again, thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see what you've put together!

- Andrew

p.s. Please submit blog post links in the form of a shareable link through Google Sheets

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